Devices, wearables, gadgets and tech stuff, a fast-paced commodity-driven world of connectivity, streaming, uploads and downloads.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the center of our lives these days, without being ‘connected’ we are behind the times.

Retail store design in the telecommunications world is an ever-changing landscape. 

All the big brands are all selling the same original equipment manufacturer (OEM) items, from mobile phones, tablets, watches, and ear pods to protective covers, bags, and other wearables. The design, features, and distinguishing characteristics of these products are no longer apparent, and they are constantly changing to keep up with trends and the competition. These expensive products are accessories and cultural indicators of how up to date you are with technology. 

Loyalty to the OEM brands is far stronger than loyalty to the service provider, so affordability of packages are strong drawcards. 

Telecom stores, like banks, offer intangible services, which change continually. 

Given these challenges, these stores need to portray themselves no longer as retailers of hardware, but lifestyle and connectivity enablers showcasing OEM’s. 

When designing, we are aware that display units need to be flexible and adaptable, and flexibility within these environments keep shop displays fresh.

Neutral backdrops make the product the hero, and don’t detract from the items and product descriptors. Lighting of devices is also important; it makes all the difference in an appealing display. 

A clear customer journey is vital, people like to see where to go as soon as they enter your store, where to find what and who. It’s important in our designs that we reflect technology, without alienating your customers, and ensure the spaces are easy to navigate. 

Accessories need to give way for service centered products like home and office automation, finance and insurance.

Privacy in these retail stores is a big consideration, when clients are sharing financial details, we like to ensure they are comfortable and feel isolated from view.