Dynamic Brandspaces

We offer dynamic design solutions for your brand – from strategy development to logo design and corporate identities; from retail design, store design and architectural design to signage and creating way-finding infographics. BRANDDNA design solutions acknowledge the dynamic relationship between head and heart when people encounter your brand or your space. We apply cutting edge creativity and in depth expertise in functional design to ensure their experience of your brand is positive on many levels – both emotionally and practically.

When it comes to interior and exterior design of stores, retail or corporate space, we not only design for aesthetics but also for practicality; and specifically for your brand. The result is environments that are functional but also engaging. Inside and out, our design is centred around enhancing the experience of your brand and creating a relationship.

BRAND DNA understands the discipline of branding – and the vital importance of upholding your brand corporate identity in all interior and exterior store design, retail and corporate design and on all elements from signage to colours on shelves and other areas. It’s about creating a comprehensive brand experience – that works with your brand guidelines and personality as well as considering context of the space in which your business is operating.

Through consultations and on-site surveys, we look at the bigger picture and consider every detail – factors such as your location, the community and physical space, your business arena and marketplace demographics, your vision and expectations of the future too.

We integrate these insights into the fabric of a design solution that brings your brand to life – in a way that creates a dynamic relationship with people so that they recognise your brand; and engage with your brand the minute they enter your space.