Design Concepts to bring your Brand to Life

Brand DNA offer bespoke interior and exterior design solutions aimed at maximising your customer’s experience.
Design Concepts to bring your Brand to Life

Design Concepts

Whatever your type of business or location, our innovative design concepts will make your space work harder for your brand. Our ‘end-to end’ strategies uniquely combine the three, vital strands of Brand DNA design to create spaces, which are:

  • Dynamic  – your customers are immediately engaged the minute they enter your store or business space.

Our dynamic, turnkey design solutions will transform how customers perceive and understand your brand, and the services or products you offer, including:

  • Corporate identities and Logo design
  • Retail, Corporate and Business design
  • 3D Interiors and Exteriors
  • Signage and Way-finding Infographics
  • Authentic – we reflect your individual and unique brand qualities aimed at gaining customer trust.

In today’s globally connected and socially aware media age, customer buying decisions are increasingly dependent on seeking engagement with an authentic experience before buying into your unique brand identity.

Personality helps customers to become emotionally attached to a brand. Engagement through the emotions is achieved by telling your story to capture the imagination, communicate your personality and establish the values and experiences of your brand.

Your story is who you are and what makes your brand different from your competitors. Customers get to know and understand your story, through authentic design and brand messaging.

  • Novel – we focus on creating impact and presence to deliver a memorable customer experience.

The essence of effective merchandising strategies involves precise product and eye-catching brand positioning to drive customer retention and increased purchasing. Our skill is in a 360 understanding of your brand. On-point, bespoke design solutions will help inspire customers to engage, and share the experience with their family and friends. 

Chicken-Stop04-300x117 Design Concepts to bring your Brand to Life

Branding is the essential life force driving everything we do

Our natural understanding of branding and how to design concepts your business needs is the essential life force driving everything we do. We have a combined 40 years experience in creating powerful and evocative design solutions for all types of business spaces, including:

  • Multi-National Retail Groups
  • Single Retail Stores
  • One-Of-A-Kind Restaurants
  • Fast-Food Chains
  • Corporate Offices and Environments
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Telecomms Companies
  • Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutes
  • Fuel Stations

Whether you are a single store or a multiple chain, designing from scratch or redesigning existing space we work  closely with you every step of the way – from first concept to final launch.