Fuel Retail Solutions and Design

Reinventing petrol Retail Concept

Fuel stations are no longer about refueling vehicles. Fuel station environments have become retail experiences capitalising on the opportunity to provide what people need in one-stop. Fuel Stations design is about creating and providing all-in-one experiences that maximize people’s use of time.

With their mix of fuel, retail & motorist services, petrol stations definitely deserve special consideration as specialized destination brands. We at Brand DNA cover every single aspect from fuel branding to convenience store design and forecourt design. Our modern integrated and fresh approach is what sets our design concepts and work a notch above what our peers deliver.

Clarity in Branding

We plan, create & deliver excellent branding solutions with perfect engagement and clarity. Every project we handle becomes an example in retail design that other market leaders in the field look up to. We provide smarter design choices and ensure that your petrol stations offer customers a consistent and engaging brand experience.

With our vast experience in design, redesign & implementation of a number of  brands, our expertise and approach gives your company a distinctive marketing edge. Our specialist team has the experience and expertise to provide total project solutions that are functional and impactful.

Encompassing it All

We follow a very methodical and unique approach to Fuel Stations Design, which includes concept design and initial feasibility reports, environment assessments as well as resource consents. We also handle Design Compliance Certificate documentation, engineering drawings & construction and provide comprehensive services such as:

  • Full architectural solutions
  • Site layout planning
  • Contract-drafting service
  • Electrical, civil & structural drawing services
  • Commercial & retail designing fit-outs
  • Project & contract management
  • Design Compliance Certificate documentation
  • As-built documentation

Customising Solutions

We design superb solutions that are tailor-fit to your needs and based on your company branding. We have the vision, insight, experience, exposure and the resources to provide Fuel Stations Design solutions that help you create the brand impact you want. Even as we do this, we explore and encourage sustainable solutions that harness the potential of your brand to effectively communicate environmental awareness right through all customer touchpoints.

We use cutting-edge software tools and the latest technology including CAD, Building Information Modelling, 3D Modelling & Virtual Fly-through presentation techniques. We undertake a very wide range of project briefs and provide robust and functional design solutions that work for you.

Time is the new currency – and convenience is the way to get people to spend it. When they spend time with your brand, they spend their money too.

Our fuel retail solutions are created to reflect the brand essence – and ensure the experience of the brand is memorable and satisfying so that customers come back. In a retail space where the unique selling point of fuel stations is no longer the petrol, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to maximize the experience and brand potential of a retail space that people know is open 24/7/365 and where they’ll always get free parking.

Through our understanding of branding; architectural design; interior design; product design; signage and way finding, we give you an all-in-one solution that enhances the experience, giving people reasons to choose one station over another.

It’s a creative collaboration of skills engineered to give your fuel brand a competitive edge.