Novel Solutions

Our interior and exterior designs are novel because they are bespoke, innovative solutions created especially to meet your unique needs.

  • We’ll never give you an off-the-shelf design.
  • We’re not trendy for the sake of being ‘with it’ or slaves to fashion.
  • It’s not about what’s in or what’s the latest.
  • It’s about interior and exterior designs solutions that mean business.

Our solutions are contemporary but timeless because our focus is on reflecting your brand; and ensuring our design addresses the business needs that the space is required to fulfil. We put your brand under the microscope, we magnify its essence – and then use our innovative techniques, in-depth expertise and cutting edge creativity to manifest these intangible brand qualities and spirit in interior and exterior store designs, retail and corporate or office environments.

Brands and needs are unique – so too are the interior and exterior designs we provide.

It’s about creating spaces that give people the best experience of your brand possible – and if that means we have to think out-of-the-box, imagine something extra-ordinary; or do something that’s not been done before… that’s what we do.

For example, our retail design is about maximising the customer experience with effective merchandising strategies, product adjacency and brand positioning so you can expect greater customer retention and higher spend with each visit.
In fact, we pride ourselves in re-thinking expected paradigms in retail design to create unique and enchanting environments that are unforgettable experiences.