Interior Design

Interior design solutions to make your space work harder for your brand

Bespoke interior design is integral to maximising a customer’s brand experience. To activate meaningful customer engagement within a proposed space requires a clarity of vision, purpose and message which is clearly reflected within the spatial sensibilities and aesthetics of material, colour, texture, line and light.

Whatever your type of business or location, Brand DNA is always totally dedicated to creating innovative concepts and interior design solutions to make your space work harder for your brand.

Our ‘end-to end’ strategies are always practical but will uniquely combine the three, vital strands of Brand DNA design – dynamic, authentic and novel. The essence of Brand DNA is the creation of spaces that will transform how customers perceive and understand your brand, and the services or products you offer.

Brandspace activation applied throughout our interior design approach

Our dedication to the interactive possibilities of brandspace activation are applied throughout our interior design approach, from retail store and restaurant to corporate office and commercial space. The principles of 360 interior design are always rooted in assembling the bigger picture, from physical layout, footfall and ease of movement to removing all unconscious barriers to total customer engagement and sales conversion.

The driving force of our client approach is aimed at highlighting the problems an interior design solution will solve, and show exactly how the design will solve the problems. Crucially, a client will be able to see and feel the way the branding takes shape as the total interior design concept evolves to solve the problems.

Maximising outcomes within any business space

Optimising customer experience is at the heart of what we do. Making people relaxed and comfortable within a strategically planned environment is crucial to maximising outcomes within any business space, whether a corporate office, commercial premises, retail store or restaurant. Environments are shaped for memorable customer experiences, and conducive to the purpose of making a return visit.

To that end, our primary work is focused on ensuring we understand both your business and your vision, so the spaces we start to create faithfully reflect your aspirations and image you want to project.

Combined 40 years of interior design experience

At Brand DNA,  our inner creative life-force is driven by a combined 40 years of interior design expert knowledge and experience. We are able to create powerful and evocative solutions for all types of interior spaces, from a single store or a national chain to restaurants, corporate offices, financial and educational institutions.

Whether we are designing from new or refurbishing existing space, we work closely with you every step of the way.