Concept Design

Looking at the big picture

What exactly is Concept Design when applied to interior and exterior branded design, and why is it important for creating a compelling customer experience?

The answer may be viewed in three different ways:

Firstly, Concept Design may be simply described as the design stage within the total space branding process. But in reality, Concept Design involves the development of understanding the people who will enter, use and experience a branded space. It is also often concerned in creating a solution to a problem not yet satisfactorily solved.

From the start, Concept Design looks at the big picture. The aim is to:

  • Highlight the problems an interior or exterior space design will solve
  • How the design will solve those problems
  • What the branding will feel like as the design evolves to solve the problems

Creating memorable customer experiences

Your brand is not just about identity and logo. At Brand DNA, the application of Concept Design is at the heart of creating memorable customer experiences. Each design project is unique, bespoke and a solution created especially to meet specific individual needs. The aim is to transform how customers perceive and understand a brand, which informs the services or products offered.

Our brand focus is on customer engagement with a retail environment or business space, which offers three key qualities – dynamic, authentic and novel – all contemporary yet timeless solutions. In a digital age of increasing immersive customer experience, the emphasis is on providing genuine and emotional brand connection.

Connecting to a brand is achieved by knowing how to tell the story, which communicates shared audience values, motivations and insightful customer experiences. Concept Design sets the stage for discovering, understanding and working towards delivering the crucial messages and brand experience elements. Customer trust expects brand transparency and knowledge in their journey to a buying decision.

Essential brand value proposition

That’s why it is vital that a brand communicates its story of what it stands for and what makes it different from competitors. BrandDNA examines brand values under a forensic design eye. Our mission is to arrive at the essential brand proposition. We interrogate and extract the intangible so that an authentic message and ethos are clearly articulated, understood and crucially, acted upon during realtime engagement, whether in retail, corporate or office environments.

True brand innovation derives from the power of experience. At Brand DNA, our novel Concept Design is an inner creative life-force driven by a combined 40 years experience. We are able to create powerful and evocative solutions for all types of interior and exterior spaces, from a single store or national chain multiples to restaurants, corporate offices, financial and educational institutions.