Your Office Design, Your Brand Values

Office Design

Your business and your brand values – at the heart of your office design.
BrandDNA create modern office environments personalised to each individual business and its core principles. The contemporary office workspace is a multiple creative solution. It’s where function and aesthetics meet in a striking, yet harmonious blend aimed at clearly reflecting a unique brand offering.
Openness, transparency and attention to detail ensure creative innovation is carefully integrated within requirement specifics, from layout and furniture to colour, surfaces and lighting.
BrandDNA bring more than 40 years’ experience and knowledge in creating powerful and evocative office design solutions for all types of business spaces.

Interior Design

A primary purpose of interior design is to outwardly reflect the ‘interior vision’ of a business brand. Purpose and personality come together to clearly speak of aspiration and dedication expressed in two dimensional line and contour, the choice of materials and surfaces.
At BrandDNA, interior design is active and dynamic – our solutions answer questions not only about ‘what you do’ but most importantly, ‘how you do it’. The shape, colour and texture within each of your interior spaces is an opportunity for imposing a strong presence which expresses a continuity of company narrative, and invites sustained engagement with a lasting brand value proposition.

Office Interior Design

The role of innovative office interior design is to bring a creative solution to all types of business spaces. Brand DNA take a 360 approach to developing a personalised space, which can uniquely serve the requirements of a diverse range of office environments.
Office interior design starts with the basic principles of available space, floor layout, number of people and ergonomic efficiency.
Each area is carefully analysed to understand the mechanics of how it is to work at maximum operational efficiency for separate functions and departments. Personal workspace, flexibility, openness and acoustic privacy are coordinated within each floor layout, movement and flow, including the operation of private meeting/conference rooms. The number of office users is crucial to both efficient and relaxed space planning, with screens, equipment and furniture ergonomically designed for maximising comfort, functionality and productivity.

Corporate Interior Design

The strategic importance of reflecting brand values and trusted principles is an enduring cornerstone of corporate interior design and the power to impose the strongest of messages. Brand continuity across individual departments and external locations is crucial to maintaining a corporate identity that informs both the company workforce and visiting clientele.

Corporate business engagement demands communicating an established and proven brand positioning at the next level. Attention to fine detail is paramount at all stages of allowing the coordinated messages of a singular corporate identity to be carefully controlled and articulated within all aspects of an interior design.

An interior design solution at corporate level is particularly focused upon not just to distinguish its brand from another but to assert that it is the only service or product offering that can provide a solution to a client’s problems.

A strong corporate interior design reinforces brand credibility and motivates potential clients. The brand value objectives are always present as a constant reminder of an organisation’s founding principles and enduring service philosophy.