Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Creating memorable customer experiences is at the heart of successful space transformation by an inspired interior designer. Communicating a company brand extends far beyond surface identity and logo. An experienced interior designer understands that the secret of brand engagement is knowing how to tell a story which connects with shared customer values, motivations and insightful experiences.

Brand focus should always be on customer engagement in an immersive space which can be explored within a structured environment, and yields a genuine and emotional connection in every aspect of interaction. A brand must communicate a story of what it stands for and what makes it different from competitors.

BrandDNA strives to always raise the interior designer level of excellence for each and every one of our clients. The first task is to analyse and fully comprehend the intrinsic brand values which can be given a living three-dimensional reality.

A company or organisation’s essential brand proposition is fashioned from its authentic message, which is to be clearly articulated throughout the customer engagement, whether in retail, corporate or office environments.

Interior design

Each interior design project is bespoke, and a unique solution created to meet both client criteria and customer needs. A space interior must transform how customers perceive and understand a brand, which is directly reflected in the way the services or products are presented.

To persuade a meaningful customer engagement within a brand space requires a clarity of vision, purpose and message. The alignment of company purpose and service principles may be clearly reflected within the spatial sensibilities and aesthetics of material, colour, texture, line and light.

Creating a relaxed and comfortable experience within any interior design strategy is critical to maximising outcomes for any business space, whether a corporate office, commercial premises, retail store or restaurant. Environments are shaped for memorable customer experiences and aimed at return visits.

Our client approach is always aimed at highlighting the problems an interior design solution will solve and show exactly how the design will solve those same problems. Crucially, a client will be able to see and understand the way the branding process takes shape at every stage as the interior design evolves to arrive at a compelling solution.

Concept design

Often simply described as the design stage within a space branding process, concept design actually involves the development of understanding the target audience – those who will enter, use and experience a branded space. It is also often concerned in finding a solution to a problem not yet fully resolved.

At the outset, concept design looks at the big picture with the aim of highlighting the problems an interior or exterior space design will need to solve. It is vital to set out how the design concept is intended to solve those problems and at every step of the way see what the branding will feel like as the design solution evolves.

Concept design always underpins true brand innovation, which in turn derives from knowledge and experience. At Brand DNA, we offer a combined 40 years of experience as an interior designer for all types of interior spaces, from a single store or national chain multiples to restaurants, corporate offices, financial and educational institutions.

BRAND DNA is proficient in taking the design process from conception, through presentation, refinement, documentation and final realisation.

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