Corporate – office design in South Africa

Space planning

and making people feel comfortable in a place of work is good for business.

Besides functionality, good design is also good branding – and an opportunity for your business space to reflects the values and essence of your brand.
It is a way for the personality of your brand to ‘come to life’ everyday. A welcoming and pleasant space lifts the spirits of staff, customers and clients – and employees who like where they work are more productive. Clients who like to meet at your offices save you time having to travel. When people spend more time with you, you build a better business relationship with them too.

Expert Corporate Modern Office Design

Corporate Office Design South Africa – We take the time to understand your business and connect with your vision so that we can create spaces that reflect your corporate office business aspirations and portray the image you want to project.
With our creative talents, expert skills and rigorous attention to detail, we create attractive environments that make people look forward to returning when they leave.

Professional Interior and Exterior Design

From interior and exterior space, to signage, our expert skills are applied to create a brand experience; a look that will add a level of professionalism and polish that people will notice and respect. From a single office building to creating a branded interior and exterior solution for several buildings in a variety of locations, from interiors to signage, our dynamic, novel authentic solutions will reinforce your brand and make you stand out.

Way-finding solutions

For businesses that face the issue of being in a complex or challenging location (as is often the case with many businesses in Africa), we offer way-finding solutions to direct customers to your location quickly and efficiently by using design that promotes and solidifies your brand.