Think Toys

This small chain of stores wants to franchise the Think Toys retail concept into a differentiated toy store environment that focuses on education and child development.

The key was to create an environment that was appealing for children and facilitated easy adult shopping.

We took an established identity and colour palette and developed a fresh toy shop concept based on a ‘Guipetto’s workshop theme’, drawing inspiration from the hand made aspect of toys.

We used intuitive signage for children in the form of descriptive gondolas within the store, eg. a gondola in the shape of a train that stocks wooden train sets.

Interactive play devices were also introduced within the stores such as turning cogs, a pull string puppet, and a ringing bell in the train. Similarly a scaled wooden train set behind the shop front is introduced, for children to play with while adults shop unhindered.

We oversized and undersized items within the store to make a unique and magical environment for children, using a lot of natural and stained wood veneers to enhance the hand made toy aspect.

The floor pattern is designed as giant fitting puzzle pieces, the counter and its bulkhead are giant cogs, all adding to the concept of development and making connections.

At the rear of the stores are libraries featuring books, puzzles and DVD’s.