Adrian was the creative head and team leader on this project while previously employed. The challenge was to reflect Sasol Oil’s tag line ‘reaching new frontiers’ in their new forecourt and c-store offering, as the only retail face for the Sasol brand worldwide. A form language was derived from the molecular identity, and consistently applied across the fuel station and convenience store environments.

The convenience store was treated as a stand alone retail space rather than a petrol station shop, and was thus cleaned up and treated in a retail paradigm.

The glass façade is void of clutter; fire wood and gas are placed alongside the c-store in ‘versatile columns’. The interior is contemporary and appealing to customers. Emphasis was placed on the bakery and toilet facilities, as a draw card for families and female motorists. Adrian was and is involved in all aspects of these environments from the architecture of the canopies and C-Stores, to the design of the pump islands, signage and interiors of the C-Stores.

BRAND DNA is currently evolving the forecourt and c-store environments.