The Greek word ‘Logos’ essentially means to give something reason, form, and meaning.

A business’s corporate identity (CI) is a combination of a name, font style, colour combinations, logo or symbol, and the rules of application as to how the identity lives in print or the physical environment.

Expectations of a brand should be immediately summed up in its corporate identity.

There should be no doubt about what to expect from a business when seeing its CI, it’s a badge of courage and a symbol that efficiently sums up what you are about.

We ensure we design identities that are simple, immediate, and easily visually understood. A well-designed CI needs to reduce to a postage stamp size, in a single colour, and still be immediately recognizable.

We always consider that identities need to live in the physical environment, and often need illumination. Some of the environments we design, like fuel retail sites, need to be consistent 24/7, so the colours we choose need to be achievable in a multitude of materials to ensure we can display a brand with ruthless consistency across print, digital, livery and signage platforms.

In retail design, we engage with manifold varieties of brand and signage applications, whether in-store design or high-level building facades. This application varies from menu board designs, embroidery, vehicular way-finding, toilet and regulatory signage, print, marketing material, websites, social media, and vehicle livery.

All of this needs crafting and careful consideration to make a brand look professional, concise, and consistent.

We make sure to create identities you can be proud of, every day, that your product offering can live up to.