In corporate design, space planning, rest areas, coffee stations, well-appointed toilet facilities, and making people feel comfortable, is good for staff and customers, and thus for business. If you like where you work, you are happy, and thus more productive. 

Retail banking environments are examples where sober financial discussions are conducted in comfortable, corporately branded spaces, warm, inviting and friendly.  

We spend more focused time in our workplace every day than we spend at home with our families. So, why not have a great place to do it in?

Besides functionality and comfort, good design is also good branding, an opportunity for your business space to reflect its values. 

We take the time to understand your business and connect with your vision so that we can create spaces that reflect your needs and portray the image you want to. 

Not all productive time is desk-based, often good ideas are birthed over a cup of tea, during a break, or whilst chatting to a fellow colleague or client.

Creative workspaces are the expected norm. Today staff and customers expect an inspiring environment in which to operate, and as business owners, you owe it to them to make sure your spaces are designed with them in mind. The past paradigm of regimented rows of desks with acoustic panels is gone, we are part of a new world, so we need to respond to new ways of being and doing.

Well-designed furniture, dynamic lighting, plants, soft seating, break areas, unusual settings and art, can create a space that feels more welcoming than home. 

BRAND DNA has depth and expertise in corporate, and retail banking design, to signage and wayfinding. An aesthetic environment with brand, comfort and functionality at the core, add a level of professionalism and polish that staff and clients resonate with.