Africom Retail

In 2010 Africom Zimbabwe assigned BRAND DNA to design their retail environments based on their new corporate identity produced by Interbrand Johannesburg.

Africom Corporate

Africom Corporate

In conjunction with the retail environments, BRAND DNA expanded the design into the corporate reception areas, boardrooms as well as the Africom call centre.


Soviet was completed whilst Adrian was formerly employed. Soviet wanted to revolutionise the brand appeal in its retail environment from a 90’s grunge industrial look to a more international retail platform. 

Dockers Pan European store design

Dockers Pan European store design

While at KSDP Pentagraph, Adrian’s store concept won the company the competition to design the Pan European Dockers store concept and roll it out across Europe.

Vodacom Retail Concept

Vodacom retail concept

The process commenced with a pan-African audit to assess the markets and capabilities to ensure that the new retail concept could be carried across its entire network consistently.

The Eye Makers

This optometric retail store was launched and designed by BRAND DNA, with Fred Swart Design responsible for the corporate identity. 

Think Toys

Think Toys

This small chain of stores wants to franchise the Think Toys retail concept into a differentiated toy store environment that focuses on education and child development.