Pause is a new coffee shop brand, launched in July 2008. This concept is based on quality coffee and light pre-packed snacks. BRAND DNA worked with graphic designer David Minnaar on this concept.

We reinvented the sit down coffee shop concept by re-evaluating the way people use coffee shops and creating more of an experience in the retail space.

A meandering couch takes up the centre of the store and runs outward into the common mall area.

It is reflected in the back wall mirror making it double the length creating the illusion of space and an extraordinarily long river-like couch. The couch is furnished with plug points for laptops. The top of the couch backrest results in a yellow trough to put empty crockery, making sure it is out of ones workspace. This yellow serpentine trough is reflected in the ceiling, and again in the rear mirror.

Yellow mobile clamp shaped tables allow for flexibility in how the customers relax, interact and work.

The counter is one punctured expression of yellow and metal, creating an immediate and essential ordering experience. Incorporated into the ordering counter wall is a recessed fridge displaying sandwiches and refreshments.