Adrian commenced this design concept in 2004 while previously employed, and continues to lead the design on the project, being fully involved with the roll-out of the KFC environments countrywide. The KFC environments have been completely redesigned – from the architectural footprint through to the interiors, signage and all detailing. The revolutionised design closely follows the design tenets laid out by Yum! to ensure a global consistency of brand presence.

The challenge with the KFC roll-out programme, was to create a generic branded design that can simply and convincingly be applied to all sizes and shapes of stores across the country from free standing drive-thru’s to in-line [high street] and mall stores.The outcome is a bold, definable architecture, sympathetic to the movement of vehicles, with a celebrated drive-thru experience, now more in line with the importance paid to the walk-in experience.

A warm and homely Interior, original in the forms and graphics, as well as in the celebration of the brand’s heritage – ‘colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices’.The design is stripped of peripheral visual noise, and reduced to its essence, celebrating Colonel Saunders, red – highlighted with white, the candy stripes and the KFC font.Currently BRAND DNA is employed by KFC to evolve their stores to include world-wide best practices and current dining trends.