Retail Store Design

Retail Store Design

Retail store design is about big picture thinking – that takes into consideration everything from footfall to ease of movement; environments that not only guide people within the space but also guide their experience, unconsciously to ensure there is no barrier to consumer behaviour and purchase; to encourage purchase by making sure it’s easy for people to find what they’re looking for; and get to what they’re looking for – all within a unique environment that is all about the brand.

Retail store design is about reputation management – the way someone experiences your brand creates a relationship with them and you want it to be a good experience so you build a good relationship.
Our solutions are not only designed to reflect your unique brand values and personality but ensure consistency. Different store – same experience.

Retail design is also about business considerations. We think about the materials used in the solution – durability; accessibility to the materials nationally and internationally (if required) and cost effectiveness. It’s about being creatively, practical.

We understand that retail design is about keeping the experience contemporary but also renewable – so it’s about timeless elements that can be refreshed; so that in five years, when it’s time to relook, it’s not about having to redo everything at great cost and from scratch; which not only costs money but time (and being open for business is what makes retail work.)

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