Authentic Restaurant Design South Africa

Create the Right Ambiance and Atmosphere with that Perfect Restaurant

Design and layout is the most important consideration for restaurant owners. People like dining at a particular restaurant because of its atmosphere and its design and therefore hiring professionals for designing your restaurant is very important. Professionals possess the experience that is required in this field in order to transform an empty space into a creative and authentic space with great design.

Why Choose BrandDNA?

Consider taking the design services of Brand DNA specialists if you have limited budget in hand. We use affordable and creative methods of designing or in making up an already existing restaurant. We consider all the important components of a nice design for a restaurant carefully. We are also in possession of the very best and expert design team that has the ability of providing satisfactory designs. The professional services provided by our experts guarantee the transformation of designs into reality and this happens not only in form but even in function. It is the experience that we have in his field that speaks of the quality of the services that we provide. We put together a blend of different design components for creating an atmosphere that goes well with the mood and food.

Authentic Creativity is a Guarantee

We are a company that guarantees authentic creativity. We take pride in having a good knowledge of projects, proprietors and proposed patrons intimately. Our design is sure to emerge successful incorporating all your desires and needs and presenting your personality and brand image powerfully. Our main aim is to work in close connection with our priced clients so that we can provide customized solutions to brand and business needs. Our creativity is the main trait of the service that we provide and it is something that creates our brand.

Get some unforgettable experiences by taking our by calling at +27114827557. You can also choose to visit us at 33, 7th Avenue Melville, Johannesburg 2092, South Africa.

We eat with our eyes as well as with our mouths – but it’s not only the look of the food that influences appetite. It’s also the look of our surroundings and atmosphere that works up our hunger and enjoyment of food.

Brand DNA from South Africa has years of experience in restaurant design– and putting together the combination of design elements to create a restaurant atmosphere that matches food with mood.

At Brand DNA, we pride ourselves in knowing the project, the proposed patrons, and the proprietors intimately. It is only in this way that a successful designing can incorporate all your needs and desires and present your brand image and personality powerfully.
Our designer of restaurants South Africa work closely with our clients – and take on all steps of the design process, from the original drawings, to media renderings of the restaurant design, both inside and out to final creation.

We tailor our solutions to meet your business and brand needs – from an iconic individual eatery to a fast-food chain. We design for a range of clients of every scale from local bistro business to global food giants – and no matter how big or small the client, we are committed to staying within budget.

In the case of KFC, the company was interested in evolving its style to be more youthful, fresh and current. Brand DNA specialists accomplished this by adding colour and texture to the already well-established motif, installing ceiling fixtures, and altering the chairs.
Katundu, by contrast, is an independent wine shop and restaurant, where a customer can buy a bottle or have dinner with a suggested wine. Its owners desired its own, unique identity and Brand DNA provided a sleek yet stellar monochrome sophistication accented with bold overhead lighting.

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