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In collaboration with Yellowwood Brand Architects as strategists, BRAND DNA produced an evolutionary design solution for the Engen forecourts and convenience stores. There was a need for the brand to to become more monolithic thereby bringing Engen back into focus and maintaining Quick Shop and 1 Stop as sub brands. 1Plus and Truck Stop were two sub brands added to the portfolio to differentiate brand offering to the market. A detailed competitor analysis was completed to ensure that the design outcome was unique and specific to Engen. The brand also faced a challenge with differing day and night projection [blue during the day and red at night]. This was standardised and a consistent form language was enforced across all aspects of the forecourt and c-store elevation, derived from the graphic visual language. This ensured a visible and consistent form and shape identity in-line with the established and refined corporate identity and graphic guidelines. The convenience store environment in the world today is no longer a second choice snack provider, but a competitive meal replacement stop and a serious competitor to established grocery retailers. The c-store interior was therefore designed to be complementary to the Woolworths plug-ins in the 1Plus offering, and elevate the experience for the motorist, providing a quality and contemporary appeal.

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Think Toys

This small chain of stores wants to franchise the Think Toys retail concept into a differentiated toy store environment that focuses on education and child development. The key was to create an environment that was appealing for children and facilitated easy adult shopping. We took an established identity and colour palette and developed a fresh toy shop concept based on a ‘Guipetto’s workshop theme’, drawing inspiration from the hand made aspect of toys. We used intuitive signage for children in the form of descriptive gondolas within the store, eg. a gondola in the shape of a train that stocks wooden train sets. Interactive play devices were also introduced within the stores such as turning cogs, a pull string puppet, and a ringing bell in the train. Similarly a scaled wooden train set behind the shop front is introduced, for children to play with while adults shop unhindered. We oversized and undersized items within the store to make a unique and magical environment for children, using a lot of natural and stained wood veneers to enhance the hand made toy aspect. The floor pattern is designed as giant fitting puzzle pieces, the counter and its bulkhead are giant cogs, all adding to the concept of development and making connections. At the rear of the stores are libraries featuring books, puzzles and DVD’s.

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The Eye Makers

This optometric retail store was launched and designed by BRAND DNA, with Fred Swart Design responsible for the corporate identity. Based on the eye’s lens, depth of field, convergence, refraction of light and the colours of the spectrum, we designed this boutique store that specialises in eye care and stocks prestige frames and sunglasses. Specialised frames are showcased in museum type podiums. Perforated white walls house frames displayed in random order, or within tubular recesses backed by mirrors. The refracted light inspired-central display feature houses merchandise as well as upholstered pause areas. This central feature grows out of the floor, and terminates in the point of sale counter at the back of the store, and is further reflected in the overhead ceiling bulkhead.

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L’Ormarins car museum

BRAND DNA designed these 4 museums for the Rupert family on their wine estate in Franschoek. The car museum was created for Johan Rupert’s private car collection based on 4 categories, namely; pre 1940’s, post 1940’s, luxury and performance. The challenge lay in creating an environment to accommodate a pre-defined number of vehicles for each category within the footprint of four existing sheds on the estate. In addition two of these facilities needed to be collapsible to allow for banqueting. Our design provided a consistency of form language throughout the four environments whilst creating a distinctly differentiated experience for each one of the categories.

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UBA Private Bank

Designed by BRAND DNA for EnterpriseIG. United Bank of Africa is based in Lagos Nigeria, with outlets across Nigeria and as far afield as New York. The private banking facility is aimed at the high end banking market in Nigeria. Form language germinated from the mustard seeds in the corporate identity helped generate a retail form identity for the bank which can be seen in the bulkheads and wall layouts. Sophisticated lighting moods and materials are used to create an exclusive environment, which has an airline business class appeal to it.

Dockers- Our Designs
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Dockers Pan European store design

While at KSDP Pentagraph, Adrian’s store concept won the company the competition to design the Pan European Dockers store concept and roll it out across Europe. The first prototype that Adrian was involved with was a store-in-store concept in Selfridges, London. Thereafter a flagship prototype store was implemented in Amstelveen, Amsterdam. On approval of the store concept, it was rolled out across Europe, and eventually found its way back to South Africa.

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Pause is a new coffee shop brand, launched in July 2008. This concept is based on quality coffee and light pre-packed snacks. BRAND DNA worked with graphic designer David Minnaar on this concept.
We reinvented the sit down coffee shop concept by re-evaluating the way people use coffee shops and creating more of an experience in the retail space.

A meandering couch takes up the centre of the store and runs outward into the common mall area.
It is reflected in the back wall mirror making it double the length creating the illusion of space and an extraordinarily long river-like couch. The couch is furnished with plug points for laptops. The top of the couch backrest results in a yellow trough to put empty crockery, making sure it is out of ones workspace. This yellow serpentine trough is reflected in the ceiling, and again in the rear mirror.
Yellow mobile clamp shaped tables allow for flexibility in how the customers relax, interact and work.
The counter is one punctured expression of yellow and metal, creating an immediate and essential ordering experience. Incorporated into the ordering counter wall is a recessed fridge displaying sandwiches and refreshments.

Fianco Our Designs
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Corporate Identities

BRAND DNA has developed a number of brand names and corporate identities for new businesses and franchises. The corporate identity design is based on a strategic platform that best represents the business in colour, form and typography.

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Burgan Oil

Burgan Oil stores and dispenses oil and fuel for refineries and sellers. BRAND DNA visually represented the new storage facility proposal in the Cape for Burgan Oil to showcase to investors. The operations of the facility are correctly represented in these images.

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Constantia Bakery

Constantia is an established family owned bakery and convenience supermarket that has been around for approximately two decades. The owners approached BRAND DNA to redesign the store interior and exterior to refresh its appearance and relevance. The results were very well received.

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An established fast food outlet, Eatoons needed a complete overhaul. The shop had not been touched for more than a decade; we re-designed a new corporate identity, new colours and rebirthed a new brand that is appropriate, gutsy and unique in its category. Eatoons sells a wide variety of fast foods from burgers to fried chicken and hot-dogs.

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Eye Level

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Fresh & Chips

We developed a name, corporate identity and retail environment for Fresh + Chips. Our client’s food offering is starting off as primarily fish and chips, but the later will extend beyond fish into other food items combined with hot chips. With chips as the anchor product, we decided that ‘Fresh + Chips’ was an ideal name for the brand.
The stores are shrouded in a salmon coloured portal. The wall graphic inside is based on an ancient Japanese sea print, stylised, comprising of salmon coloured or white lines and symbols. We use glass for the tables and dining shelf, rear printed with graphics.

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Hits Africa

The Brand Union Johannesburg approached BRAND DNA to develop a retail identity for Hits Africa, a Bahrain based business, is planning to roll-out the cell phone stores across Africa. Futuristic and fun, the organic environment is graphic intense, bold and colourful.

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Ateljee graphic studio who designed the identity got BRAND DNA involved with the store design for Jelli.
Jelli is a children’s clothing boutique catering for babies, toddlers, teens and tweens. The interior design of the shop is a neutral palette that has punches of the corporate colours and shapes derived from the puzzle type logo. Furnishings inside are mobile and modular and the central floor units join together to make a cat walk for children’s fashion shows. The design starts on the exterior pillar with foliage cut-outs to draw attention to the store entrance.

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King Pie

To extend the appeal of the King Pie brand, they decided to test a sit-down restaurant concept with a coffee offering. King Pie Cafe’ is a sophisticated cafe’ and dining environment which is aimed at families, couples, business people, and anyone who enjoys a good coffee and a wholesome meal.
Pies are served with side dishes of vegetables and salads. Confectionary is available to enjoy with an after dinner coffee to round off a hearty dining experience.
Different seating options allow for flexibility of choice, and create privacy and comfort.
Design language clues are derived from pastry layers, and icons that relate to the shape and form of food.

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Q4 is an independent fuel transporter and retailer in South Africa. They asked us to design a fuel station and convenience store for their business.
We developed a futuristic and minimalist environment with hints of the blue corporate colours.
The convenience store is elevated from the ground and combines a fast food outlet as well as a basic convenience offering. The canopy structure is tree-like and the canopy edge is sloped.

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Sasol My Delight

Sasol ‘my delight!’ is a new plug-in deli offering within the Sasol delight convenience stores.
Offering ground Chaywa coffee, pies, sandwiches and other freshly prepared foods, ‘my delight!’ is an indulgent escape from the busy streets, where Sasol customers can refuel.
BRAND DNA has also evolved the ‘Sasol delight!’ convenience store to retain the brand promise of ‘reaching new frontiers’. Dark ceilings help celebrate the gondola displays, edge lighting to yellow the descriptor boards are immediate and celebrate the yellow of the store’s identity. We have introduced sky bulkheads as a hint of the South African big sky country as well as the aspirations of the brand promise.
A white dining shelf looking onto the forecourt creates a cafe’ experience, and allows an interaction between the forecourt and retail space.

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Tswelopele is a billboard recycling business. The staff turn old PVC billboards into various bags, ottomans file folders and other interesting articles. BRAND DNA re-designed their existing retail space in the old Johannesburg immigration office in Auckland Park Johannesburg. Based on the ethos of the business, we used recycling as a spring point for the design. The point of sale counter is constructed from corrugated cardboard.
The shelves are laser cut steel simulating a cityscape describing the origins of the billboards.
Included in the design is an outside coffee area where patrons can relax.

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FMI Energy in Zimbabwe employed BRAND DNA to come up with a new brand name and retail image for their newly purchased estate of old fuel station outlets throughout Zimbabwe. The new image needed to be adaptable to a variety of canopy edges, pump island forms and convenience store layouts.

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Bank Albilad

KFC02 Our Designs
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KFC 2016

Kwality01 Our Designs
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Kwality Ice-Cream

Mobi01 Our Designs
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Zone01 Our Designs
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Zone Offroad

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Adrian was the creative head and team leader on this project while previously employed. The challenge was to reflect Sasol Oil’s tag line ‘reaching new frontiers’ in their new forecourt and c-store offering, as the only retail face for the Sasol brand worldwide. A form language was derived from the molecular identity, and consistently applied across the fuel station and convenience store environments. The convenience store was treated as a stand alone retail space rather than a petrol station shop, and was thus cleaned up and treated in a retail paradigm. The glass façade is void of clutter; fire wood and gas are placed alongside the c-store in ‘versatile columns’. The interior is contemporary and appealing to customers. Emphasis was placed on the bakery and toilet facilities, as a draw card for families and female motorists. Adrian was and is involved in all aspects of these environments from the architecture of the canopies and C-Stores, to the design of the pump islands, signage and interiors of the C-Stores. BRAND DNA is currently evolving the forecourt and c-store environments.  

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Marcos Chicken

A new brand, launched by BRAND DNA for the store and signage design, with Fred Swart responsible for the graphic elements and identity. Based on a football and graffiti, street-cred theme, we selected black and yellow as engaging and differentiating colour. We combined juxtaposing elements within the environment such as solid wooden ottomans with transparent plastic chairs to create a uniquely eclectic South African space. The counter experience is reminiscent of a goal opening and has a ‘grandstand’ feeling to it. Transparent yellow chairs with black vinyl numbers on the rear remind the consumer of grandstand seats in a football stadium. Corrugated steel is used as a wall texture, as is cellular polycarbonate sheeting. Edge lit menu boards are randomly placed up against the bulkhead to provide a spontaneous experience at the counter.

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Adrian commenced this design concept in 2004 while previously employed, and continues to lead the design on the project, being fully involved with the roll-out of the KFC environments countrywide. The KFC environments have been completely redesigned – from the architectural footprint through to the interiors, signage and all detailing. The revolutionised design closely follows the design tenets laid out by Yum! to ensure a global consistency of brand presence.
The challenge with the KFC roll-out programme, was to create a generic branded design that can simply and convincingly be applied to all sizes and shapes of stores across the country from free standing drive-thru’s to in-line [high street] and mall stores.The outcome is a bold, definable architecture, sympathetic to the movement of vehicles, with a celebrated drive-thru experience, now more in line with the importance paid to the walk-in experience.
A warm and homely Interior, original in the forms and graphics, as well as in the celebration of the brand’s heritage – ‘colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices’.The design is stripped of peripheral visual noise, and reduced to its essence, celebrating Colonel Saunders, red – highlighted with white, the candy stripes and the KFC font.Currently BRAND DNA is employed by KFC to evolve their stores to include world-wide best practices and current dining trends.

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WesBank and FNB Homeloans HQ

BRAND DNA designed and implemented the exterior signage and basement signage for the new combined FNB Homeloans and WesBank campus in Fairlands Johannesburg. In addition we designed the new internal and wayfinding signage for the WesBank building. The design was based in the principle architect’s building narrative, and is designed to complement the building and its surrounds. The exterior signage is based on an intuitive signage device that is devoid of arrows and obvious western signage semiotics. The vertical oxidised steel totems are sliced through to reveal anodised aluminium slats housed in polished stainless steel recesses. The juxtaposing textures reflect the building’s textural contradictions. The totems are all individual as they are constantly changing and activated by the elements.

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Vodacom retail concept

The process commenced with a pan-African audit to assess the markets and capabilities to ensure that the new retail concept could be carried across its entire network consistently. The concept store was based on a flagship environment. Yellowwood Brand Architects compiled the strategic input, and BRAND DNA realised the retail concept. The store concept needed to roll-out consistently, from large store environments to dealer kiosks in central Africa. Red is introduced to reflect Vodafone’s share in the company and provide the reminder in consumer’s minds. A distinct form language is determined and consistently repeated across the store environment.

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Honda SA

BRAND DNA is currently Honda South Africa’s showroom Brand Architects. We look after the application of the Honda retail paradigm and the showroom interior and exterior branding. We consult with Honda and project specific architects to ensure that the expectations from Honda regarding showroom design and process are met.

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Soviet was completed whilst Adrian was formerly employed. Soviet wanted to revolutionise the brand appeal in its retail environment from a 90’s grunge industrial look to a more international retail platform. A unique form language was defined in the puzzle block, derived from the concept of Russian constructivism – the whole is made up of applied parts. This allowed a distinctly Soviet environment to be created with forms and shapes that the brand could take ownership of. Light walls, scoop walls and mobile puzzle tables make up a white slick interior, whilst overhead lighting bulkheads and light clusters highlight furniture beneath.
An acrylic red ribbon divider moves up and down the light wall to define ranges of clothing and merchandise. A seating area at the rear of the store with a magnetic wall helped display seasonal ranges to customers waiting for a change room. A large format environmental graphic behind the POS evokes a specific brand tone of voice.
A distinctly Soviet environment was created with forms and shapes that and this branding was translated into signage, label shapes and advertising formats.

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Africom Corporate

In conjunction with the retail environments, BRAND DNA expanded the design into the corporate reception areas, boardrooms as well as the Africom call centre. Throughout the retail and corporate touch points the design language is consistent, enhancing the brand experience.

Africom-Retail-2 Our Designs
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Africom Retail

In 2010 Africom Zimbabwe assigned BRAND DNA to design their retail environments based on their new corporate identity produced by Interbrand Johannesburg. We use clues from the corporate identity as well as the primary and secondary colour palette to generate a unique and memorable retail identity. The environments rolling out across Zimbabwe are fun, approachable with a futuristic appeal. In this internet and telecommunication environment, customers get to play, experiment, download, sign up or buy starter packs.

Cresta-Hotel-04 Our Designs
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Cresta Hotels

Cresta Hotels invited BRAND DNA to pitch a concept design for the Cresta Lodge Urban Oasis refurbishment in Harare. Having helped to develop the hotel brand with Interbrand Johannesburg, we had an intrinsic understanding of the hotel gateways and their position in the market. We based the concept on the footprint of an existing room, altering the structure of the bathroom and including the exterior balcony as a day bed feature.
We brought Arris Creative in as hotel specialists creating a joint venture approach to the project.

Doha-2 Our Designs
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BRAND DNA was employed by HKLM Dubai to develop the external signage for four restaurants in Doha that they had designed the corporate identities for. The restaurants are up market and classy, each with a specific menu offering that we reflected through the use of the appropriate materials and finishes on the signage. In the signage design we also used materials that are native to the region like silver, kelims and weaving.

Ellies-trade-shop-1 Our Designs
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Ellies Trade Shop

f+cheap2 Our Designs
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Fish N Cheap

BRAND DNA decided on this name with the client that has an obvious suggestion that the offering is cost effective yet wholesome and filling. The new environment is aimed at the urban transient blue collar worker. Robust, modern and functional it is an easy and welcoming space. We used standard plywood, lead lights and durable finishes and fittings.

Good-African-1 Our Designs
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Good African

BRAND DNA developed the coffee shops/restaurants for Good African Coffee in Uganda. Fandam Studio who designed the new corporate identity and graphic devices approached us to look after the interior design which would complement the brand’s new look.
Furniture and fittings are designed with an East African heritage in mind. We have hinted at traditional board games, local timber, ancient coffee devices, passenger trains and river grass weaving. The rich combination of materials and finishes creates a unique narrative for the stores that will be easily identified as they are planted across Africa and eventually the world.

holiday-inn2 Our Designs
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Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Garden Court asked BRAND DNA to give them a concept for their staff canteen that is warm, welcoming and a place that staff can relax in after long shifts. As well as an eating area we included chill areas where staff could have a quick nap.

Katundu-01 Our Designs
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A wine shop and complimentary restaurant offering in Zambia was the brief from our client in Johannesburg. The shop is an upmarket wine merchant where a customer can either buy a few bottles or be served a meal with suggested wines to compliment the menu. A sophisticated monotone environment is the outcome, with bold lighting features from the high ceiling.

Mutsch-connect-internet-cafe-1 Our Designs
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Petro-SA-5 Our Designs
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Petro SA

PetroSA is a wholly-owned entity of the Government of the Republic of South Africa. PetroSA was formed in January 2002 from the merger of three previous entities, Mossgas (Pty) Limited, Soekor (Pty) Limited, and parts of the Strategic Fuel Fund Association.
We designed an Integrated Energy Centre as well as a full forecourt and retail site for PetroSA. The Identity was defined, so the colours and forms were derived from there in order to create a unique retail Identity for the brand.

SANBS-HQ-02 Our Designs
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South African National Blood Services assigned us to pitch on refurbishing their headquarters in Johannesburg.

TRE-HQ-01 Our Designs
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TRE property development in the Western Cape has expanded into an estate agency.
BRAND DNA designed their new premises in the Strand where they combined the property development head quarters with their estate agency offices. On the ground floor is a meeting room and reception area where clients and agents can have meetings in a professional and branded environment.

Urban-salads-1 Our Designs
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Urban Salads

Urban Salads wanted to expand into free standing retail stores; BRAND DNA designed a new retail identity for them using natural materials, finishes in unexpected places and a fresh palette of greens to enhance the fresh food offering. The retail concept is about the accessibility of wholesome fresh foods in the midst of busy city living.

AhliBank01 Our Designs
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Ahli Bank

ASE06 (1) Our Designs
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Academy of Sound

Chicken-Stop01 Our Designs
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Chicken Stop

Kingston01 Our Designs
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Kingston Collage

Ooredoo-01 Our Designs
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SpringF02 Our Designs
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Spring Fresh

Pizza-Hut02 Our Designs
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Pizza Hut

Brandspace Activation